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Create your own flashcards online: Or use my pre-made flashcards. Username: JAspanish Password: hola

The BEST Spanish-English dictionary I have found: You can sign up to learn one word a day and you can download their app so you have the dictionary with you at all times!

Videos for each unit of study:

Hispanic Language and Culture Exercises:


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  1. EpicNinjaSquirrel

    The doesnt have orange text

  2. EpicNinjaSquirrel

    now it does….
    on MINE

  3. Talena Castellari

    I’m working on making my own flash cards!

  4. ¡Maravilloso, Talena! ¡Gracias por visitar mi sitio!
    Wonderful, Talena! Thank you for visiting my site!

  5. im already working on my monster and my story and thankyou so much for giving me that website its helping me plan out all of my story and plus now my whole story will be in spanish i wrote it in english and now im looking up the words i dont know! and im making flash cards to study every night!!!!!!

  6. Wow, Katie! ¡Estoy impresionada! ¡Mil gracias por tu entusiasmo!

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