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About Me

My Background:

  • I graduated summa cum laude from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois in Education and Spanish.
  • I have taught 8th grade Spanish through the Elementary Spanish Program and Spanish for adults.
  • I have lived in Costa Rica and have traveled to Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Spain and several other countries.
  • I have been trained in a variety of methodologies which give me the tools to teach Spanish effectively through the use of storytelling, physical response, music, games and more.
  • I enjoy baking, biking and looking at pictures of cute animals. 

Why I Love Teaching Spanish:

  • I have fun while I am learning Spanish and I have fun passing that enthusiasm to my students.
  • I love helping students feel more connected to their world and more empowered by their knowledge.
  • The Spanish classroom offers a light-heartedness where students can learn to have fun even while making mistakes.
  • The Spanish classroom gives students a forum to develop academically while also developing compassion, grace and sense of humor.
  • Spanish is becoming more prevalent in our world and students will find many practical applications for the language in their everyday life.

Me in Costa Rica around Christmastime last year!


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  1. Maya Magallanes

    Hola Senorita Tauchman!
    You are a great teacher! My abuelo gave me the nickname Mayita Bonita.
    My parents liked the calendar we made in class, I like it too.
    See you on lunes!

  2. Buenos días, Mayita!

    ¡Gracias por hacer un comentario! ¡Es un placer tenerte en clase! (Thank you for commenting! It is a pleasure to have you in class!

    I’m glad you like the calendar! Does your abuelo speak Spanish?

    Hasta pronto,
    -Señorita T

  3. si, my Abelo speaks Spanish, both of my abuelos do! My Mom
    has some stuff for your class, where can I leave it for you?

    Buenos Noches,

  4. ¡Muchísimas gracias, Mayita! Y gracias a tu mamá. You may give the stuff to Mrs. Netzer and she will pass them on to me! ¡Disfrutes de tu día de nieve! (Enjoy your snow day!)

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