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Breaking down stereotypes

This article examines why stereotypes can be so wrong and so damaging.

“Students found that the typical large, overstuffed, high-calorie burrito, including the breakfast burrito, is a U.S. creation and the smaller meat and vegetable burritos are popular in northern Mexico.”

“…Mexico has a tremendous diversity of languages, dialects, culture, and politics, as well as rural and urban differences. She also pointed out that Mexican American culture has the same complexities.”

“ ‘I don’t know how to do the Mexican hat dance. No one in my family does the Mexican hat dance.'”


About Lauren Tauchman

Lauren Tauchman is a Spanish teacher in Colorado. She serves on the Board of Directors for CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers), she is a certified instructional coach, and a presenter. She has taught K-6, middle school, and currently teaches high school Spanish 1 and 2, using TPRS/CI methods. e-mail

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