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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Kindergarten-2nd grade: La Primavera

In kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, we are talking about la primavera (Spring) and all that la primavera brings! Students are learning weather words and words associated with springtime. This week, they will be bringing home their own mini-libros(books) to share with you! Here are a couple examples of what they are working on!



The students are doing a great job reading these mini-libros! Ask your child to read and explain their books to you!


3rd and 4th grade: Weather!

Third and fourth grade finished up their chapter on “está cansada, está enferma and duerme” and are moving on to our chapter on weather. Spring is such a fun time to talk about weather, especially here in Colorado! Can you believe it’s April and we are having a snow day?

Here are some amazing cartoons the students drew to wrap up our last chapter. I even had several students perform these scenes in mini-skits which provided lots of laughs! I asked students to take home these drawings and tell the story to someone in their family! Hopefully you got as much enjoyment out of it as I did!



Our new procedure is telling the date and the weather in Spanish. Over the next couple weeks, your students will become masters at this skill!


5th and 6th Update: “Isabela captura un congo”

For 5th and 6th graders, we will be dedicating our 4th quarter to reading Isabela captura un congo. The story is completely in Spanish and it takes place in Costa Rica. We will be acting out scenes, discussing culture and comparing/contrasting our lives to the life of Isabela, along with many other fun activities! 

I also forgot to give credit to all my students for their hard work creating their own monsters! We used the vocabulary “soy” (I am) and “tengo” (I have) along with body part vocabulary and descriptive adjectives.

Here are a few examples: ImageImageImageImage