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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Have you been practicing?

Buenos días, mis amigos,

¿Han ustedes estado practicando el español durante las vacaciones? Have you been practicing your Spanish over break? I know some of my 5th and 6th graders were so intrigued by the Guapo videos that they just HAD to watch them over and over during break! ;) If you have no yet seen these videos, here is a taste:

5th and 6th grade has been discovering the differences between 1st person (Soy guapo = I am handsome) and 3rd person (Es guapo = He is handsome) Can you hear the differences in the video?

3rd and 4th grade just finished a chapter on emotions. We acted out some fun stories! The best one was about a sleeping teacher: “La maestra está muyyyy cansada. La maestra está muy cansada y duerme. Duerme mucho. La clase come jelly beans y pizza con mucho queso y ice cream y popcorn. La class come mucho y la maestra duerme. Ahora, la clase baila. La clase come y la clase baila. ¡OH NO! Señor Nolan entra la clase. Señor Nolan no está contento. Señor Nolan está cansado y duerme. La clase baila.” Ask your student to read this to you and tell you what happened!

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade is learning the emotion words está cansado, está enfermo, duerme. We  have been acting out mini stories and play games to learn these words!

Here is a little picture I found that will give us the motivation to get back to school on martes!



¡Hasta pronto!

Señorita T


Para mis estudiantes jóvenes…

For my young students… Here are some games to play to practice the vocabulary we have already used! It is great practice for my older students, too!

¡Una gracias grande!

¡Quiero dar una gracias grande a dos estudiantes! ¡Me regalaron estos dibujos y me encantan mucho! I want to give a big thank you to two students! They gave me these drawings and I love them! 

¡Gracias, chicas!

¡La Hora de Aventura!



Mi sala nueva

¡Aquí está mi sala de clases nueva! ¿Les gusta mi sala nueva?

Here is my new classroom! Do you like my new room?