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We’re moving!

My classroom is ready! I can hardly express how excited I am to start teaching Spanish in my own room.

¡Nos vemos el lunes en mi clase nueva! See you on Monday in my new class!


About Lauren Tauchman

Lauren Tauchman is a Spanish teacher in Colorado. She serves on the Board of Directors for CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers), she is a certified instructional coach, and a presenter. She has taught K-6, middle school, and currently teaches high school Spanish 1 and 2, using TPRS/CI methods. e-mail

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  1. Hola, como esta? Eso es genial. Que habitacion vas a conseguirlo? No peudo esparar para vero.

    -Kristyn Grell 6W

  2. ¡Gracias por responder, Kristyn! Estaré en la habitación al lado de Señora Holocher. ¡Espero que disfrutes de su día de nieve!
    (Thank you for responding, Kristyn! I will be in the room next to Mrs. Holocher. I hope you are enjoying your snow day!)

    Hasta mañana,
    -Señorita T

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