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¿Qué comes?

¿Qué comes para Thanksgiving?

Yo como pavo, papas y green bean casserole.


“What do you eat for Thanksgiving?”

“I eat turkey, potatoes and green bean casserole.”

Optional Homework Assignment for my 4th, 5th and 6th graders: Respond to this post telling me the answer to ¿Qué comes para Thanksgiving? If you need any help finding words in English or Spanish, use this website For safety purposes, do not use your whole name, just your first name and the class you are in (i.e. Shane 5G) Please ask your parents for their permission to write on this blog.




About Lauren Tauchman

Lauren Tauchman is a Spanish teacher in Colorado. She serves on the Board of Directors for CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers), she is a certified instructional coach, and a presenter. She has taught K-6, middle school, and currently teaches high school Spanish 1 and 2, using TPRS/CI methods. e-mail

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  1. yo como mashed potato con pie.

  2. Come chile verde. Grace 6B

  3. De accion de gracias me come turkey, ham, pecan pie, stuffing, y mashed potatoes.
    -Mimi 6Welch

  4. come pollo (we arent fond of “pavo”) ,green bean casarole con onion spread, baked papas, cressont rolls y sparkling grapefruit juice.
    -Miranda 6M

  5. Hey guys, this is Mimi how do you get usernames??

  6. Hola, Mimi! Y buenos días a todas las chicas; Anna, Grace, y Miranda!

    Puedes usar este sitio para hacerte un nombre de usuario:
    (You can use this site to make a username!)

    ¡Gracias a ustedes por escribir comentarios! ¡Me hace sonreír!
    Thank you all for writing comments! It makes me smile!

    -Señorita T.

  7. Muchas Gracias Senorita Tauchman!

  8. awe shucks im an insperation to u mimi!

    I feel flattered.

  9. Come pavo y papas y a lot of that sparkling cranberry stuff!

  10. Comes pavo y arandano pan y calabaza empanada.

  11. Kaiya von Grabill

    hola Senorita Tauchmen. como esta

  12. ¡Hola Kaiya! Estoy bien, gracias (mucho mejor que ayer – much better than yesterday!) Y tú, ¿cómo estás?

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