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Article on Growing up Bilingual and the Benefits of Language Learning–Exchange-Spanish-Playgroup

This article identifies some of the benefits of being exposed to a second language at a young age.

“There are multiple benefits to learning another language, according to Seidl. Studies show that individuals who grow up bilingual are better at different tasks such as problem solving…”

“Children can also benefit from just hearing two languages spoken. This helps with later language learning…”

“Learning a second language becomes challenging after age 8 and even more difficult after age 16…”

I feel truly lucky to do what I do at JA, knowing that students’ exposure to Spanish gives them a variety of tools for future learning.

-Señorita T.


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  1. this is random but..

    ¿es ninjasquirrel un buen nombre de usuario? Me encanta

  2. EpicNinjaSquirrel

    i cant get the translator to work sooooooooooo

    I liked the stuffing and pie but i didnt have pie:[
    – Cole 4S

  3. EpicNinjaSquirrel

    Can’t….. Resist….. Without…. Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Miranda, ¡sí! NinjaSquirrel es un buen nombre de usuario! ¡Me encanta mucho!

  5. Cole, try putting one word in at a time to translate. Then create your sentence using each individual word!

  6. Muchas gracias Senorita T.

  7. hola sensoria tauchman! i know pequeno espanol y pequeño sign language —- Cassie 6 Welch

  8. ¡Fantástico, Cassie! Quiero saber el languaje por señas! (I want to know sign language!) Quizás me puedas enseñar un poco. (Maybe you can teach me a little!)
    -Señorita Tauchman

  9. sign language is very very fun to learn!! — Cassie 6Welch

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