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La gatita busca…

In 4th-6th grade, we have started a new unit of vocabulary. This vocabulary gives them the tools to start building stories. Our newest storyline is about a gatita (kitten) who searches for a certain food item (in one class it was ‘brussel sprouts grandes, de color anaranajado y sabor aguacate’ big, orange brussel sprouts that taste like avocado) and her adventures in searching for this item. Our vocabulary for this unit is:

  •  come (eats)
  •  va  (goes)
  • lunes (Monday)
  • busca (looks for)
  • ve (sees)
  • gatita (kitten)

Here is a little video to remember the days of the week:

We have added several student jobs this quarter, which makes the class a lot more fun! Here are a few examples of the jobs available:

  • Announcer: gets the class’ attention and announces any celebrations
  • Clapper: lets the students know when it is time to applaud
  • Actores y actrices: act out the story
  • Prop designer: quickly creates props for each scene
  • Story-ending fairy: brings the story to a close, generally with a deus ex machina ending
  • Kindness recorder: keeps an eye out for compassion in the classroom

The most important part of a foreign language class is that the students are comfortable. We are building a community of language learners who can have fun with the language and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with it. I know we are succeeding at this!

¡Que les vaya muy bien!

-Señorita T.


About Lauren Tauchman

Lauren Tauchman is a Spanish teacher in Colorado. She serves on the Board of Directors for CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers), she is a certified instructional coach, and a presenter. She has taught K-6, middle school, and currently teaches high school Spanish 1 and 2, using TPRS/CI methods. e-mail

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  1. Srta. T.,
    in that utube movie
    i noticed that the dias de los muertos are capitalized :-O !!!
    isn’t supposed to be lower-cased since it’s Spanish?
    -Miranda 6M

  2. @ ninjasquirrel(miranda),
    I guess they just want to be formal. If not, i hope you get the answer to your question.
    — Mimi (6Welch)

  3. That is a great observation, Miranda! The video is wrong! And you are right! Great catch!

  4. @Mimi, That is a great guess!

  5. Haha cute video for days of the week! little mouse!

  6. really did like the video! -Cassie 6Welch

  7. Talena Castellari

    I love the little mouse he is sooooo cute and fat and chubby at the same time… !

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